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Thursday, January 04, 2007

EVALUATION TEMPLATE for Internet Resources

Class: P07

Title of Internet Resource: The developments in the area of world fashion design


Are the aims of the website clearly stated?

Yes, it is clearly stated.

What is the coverage of the site? Is it comprehensive? What subject areas and materials are covered? Are there any pointers to further information that enhance the coverage of the site? Are the links to other sites useful?

This website is coverage all the things about Louis Vuitton. It is covered the world of Louis Vuitton, the e-shopping, the stores and the newsletter and etc. The website links to them legal notice and the search engine are useful for us.

Is this an authoritative source? Are there any reviews about this site or has it been included in any gateways or virtual libraries?

Yes, it is an authoritative source. There are no reviews about the site, but it has linked its own legal notice.

Are the facts accurate? Does it use research as a basis? Is there political, ideological, or biasness in the source? Is it a factual site or one that contains an opinion? Are the references stated clearly? Is it free from grammatical, spelling and typographical errors?

Yes, the facts are accurate. It uses research as a basis. It is a factual site.
The references are stated clearly. No, it is not free from grammatical, spelling and typographical errors.

Is the information up-to-date? Is it well-maintained?

Yes, the information is up to date and it is well-maintained.

Is the site easily accessible? Does it require registration and log-ins? Are all the information accessible for FREE?

Yes, it is accessible. The website does not require registration and log-ins.
Almost, the information accessible for free.

Presentation and Arrangement
Is the information well presented and arranged? Is the information clearly, consistently and logically presented and arranged? Are there any features such as site map, an index or a search facility? How effective are the search features in helping users to find information?

Yes, the information is presented and arranged well. The information is clearly, consistently and logically presented and arranged. There are site map, an index and search facility. The search features are very helpful, when you search for one thing, it will list a variety of the thing for you to select.

Is it easy to use and navigate around? Are there user support facilities?

Yes, it is easy to use and navigate around and there are user support facilities.

What is your overall impression of the quality of the websites?

This website is an organization website. It is include all information about the Louis Vuitton’s products. The information is new. It is accurate and safety. However, it is the best website about the Louis Vuitton.

After learning and finishing evaluate the website. I learned there are many aspects must be considered when I search and find the site, such as, the coverage, the authoritative, the accuracy and etc. Just one website has much information to select. But choose the right website is difficult and complex. In a word, Everything is not that easy, Must learn hard and be careful.


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