Orange T.T.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The developments in the area of world fashion design:
This website is about JOURNALIST ASSESSMENT OF FASHION YEAR, and include many other informations.
Purpose: I can find the development information of fashion design
This is an organization website by Fashion Art Italy. Inside it have a lot of informations and news.
purpose: to find the news of development of fashion design, and learn some more knowledge.
Here has the designers’ information and the photos. Also we can contact them use email.
purpose: business and information.

Reflection: Using different search engines can find some different results. Different search engine has different advancement. So when we can search one topic use different search engine.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The developments in the area of world fashion design:
Purpose of resource : Business/marketing
The website give the good that they designed and the store. We can
Shopping online.
Purpose of resource : Information
This website is about the fashion design council of India. It include a lot of
Information of the fashion design. Therefore, can got many information.
Purpose of resource : personal
This is a blog talking about women’s wear.
Purpose of resource : information
This website is about the fashion design. It include a lot of information for us. The editor got fashion illustration work for company. It is a interested website.

After learned the use internet as a research tool. Seems to get closer to the internet, and found more interesting on the internet.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The developments in the area of world fashion design:

1. Type Of Website: organization website
This website is introduce the type of fashion, and the fashion development.

2. Type Of Website: subject-based
This website is the guide to all things chic.

3. Type Of Website: organization website
This websit is an organizational website of Flavorpill Productions LLC.All Rights Reserved.
JC Report is a bimonthly email magazine providing an insider's view on fashion trends emerging around the world.

4. Type Of Website: organization website
The organizational website of Zuss Fashion Design.

5. Type Of Website: forum
This website is the china fashion website.
It include all kinds of fashions.

Reflection: though the practical, I have learned diferent types of websites.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Favourate Website:
This is my favourate website. It is the biggest discharge website in china. I can find any kind of things in it.
This website is made by my friends. It is about a group of Korea called shinhwa. And I am a member of the superintendents. hehe......

If you interested in the above websites, please come and enjoy it!!!!